Cassi Shaw, TKC technical lead, was recently presented the “Air Force Network Integration Center Innovation Award” from the customer for her role in developing and providing training for a new migration process.

In a highly technical career field such as Information Technology (IT), it’s often uncommon to find women filling team lead and technical lead roles. According to a May, 2012 survey, study published by “The National Center for Women and Information Technology” in a report titled “Women in IT: The Facts,” it is estimated that only 25 percent of IT positions are currently filled by women in the U.S. In addition, only nine percent of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) of U.S. companies are female . According to the same survey, while this trend may seem to be reversing in most skilled career fields in the U.S., the number of women in IT continues to decline. Fortunately, TKC Global’s AFNet Migration Team portrays a different picture of women in this highly technical field.

Forty-one percent of TKC Global’s IT System Engineers on this contract are women, supporting the United States Air Force (USAF) initiative to consolidate legacy IT infrastructure across all Air Force bases worldwide. Since TKC Global’s involvement in this initiative began, women have held key leadership and technical roles, including that of Team Lead for engineers who travel to all USAF bases to build and configure the IT infrastructure; Team Leads for the engineers conducting the migrations of all legacy e-mail and user accounts; and Team Lead for the engineers migrating all remaining legacy functional applications and systems and retiring legacy environments. In fact, when TKC Global increased the size of the team in order to concurrently migrate four Air Force installations, all four of the Team Leads tasked with ensuring that new members were qualified and trained in the processes were women.

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*Reuters; May 12, 2012; “Fewer women in top U.S. tech jobs since 2010: survey.”

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