The Airworthiness Web Support Team, left to right (standing): Dennis Lucey, LCDR Stan Fisher, Lynne Valko, Robert J. Hanley, Bruce Holland, Shannon Wallace, Malik Williams, Sandra Woomer, James Brown, Joseph Showunmi, Chris Stith, Promod Sharma, Shawn Wood, Chris Bogdewic, Paul Milani, and Capt. David Davison; (kneeling left to right): Harry Bastow and Jerry Zeitler.

TKC Global recently completed a contract to provide software lifecycle development services and support for the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) at its headquarters in Patuxent River, MD and for U.S. Navy aviators and support personnel worldwide. Each member of the 19-member team received a personal letter of appreciation from the NAVAIR customer that specifically addressed what each had contributed to the success of the project. In the letter addressed to Jerry Zeitler, TKC Global’s project lead, Robert J. Hanley, Director of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Airworthiness Office, stated “The achievements associated with the Airworthiness website ‘Next Generation’ development and planned deployment are a testament to Mr. Zeitler’s work ethic, leadership, and organizational skills, selfless dedication, and pure tenacity.”

The team, known as the Airworthiness Web Support Team (AWST), consisted of TKC Global personnel, subcontractors, government employees and members of the military.

AWST was tasked with replacing NAVAIR’s existing Airworthiness website, which provides access to documents containing information pertaining to the flight clearance for the aircraft platforms. AWST was responsible for all operations, maintenance and technical support for both the unclassified and classified versions of the Airworthiness website.

While adding architectural flexibility to support functionality far beyond the website’s initial capabilities when launched in 2002, AWST maintained the existing URL, Information Assurance (IA) certifications, and existing functions. “We redesigned the system for the next generation, fully utilizing every opportunity for improvement,” says Juvy McCarthy, President, TKC Global Technology Solutions Group.

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